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December 14, 2021

Tomorrowland reaches the milestone of 10 million subscribers and gains a YouTube Diamond Play button.

Tomorrowland reached the magic number of 10 million subscribers on the official YouTube channel and therefore is awarded with a diamond YouTube Play Button.

Michiel Beers, co-founder of Tomorrowland, toasts to this milestone: “We have made an aftermovie of the festival every year since the first edition in 2005, unfortunately they were not watched very much in the first few years. But together with the worldwide growth of YouTube, the festival has also become a worldwide phenomenon in 2011 and certainly in 2012. People from all over the world watched the aftermovies and sets from Tomorrowland. One of the most unique things about Tomorrowland remains the whole world coming together in one magic place once a year and the content on YouTube certainly contributes to that. It is fantastic that we can continue to share the creativity & passion that we put in Tomorrowland with the People of Tomorrow via YouTube every year.”

From zero to nearly 2 billion views in 10 years:
The YouTube journey of Tomorrowland has been spectacularly successful. In 2011 the festival made its debut on the platform with a bang by releasing all their aftermovies up until that point, which were an instant hit. One year later, in 2012, their aftermovie became trending globally and now almost 10 years later it has 171 million views. Next to their aftermovies the DJ sets are what Tomorrowland became known for. The fact that Tomorrowland sets can be a great promotional tool is shown by Alan Walker’s who’s DJ set of 2018 reached 36 million views. And when we say global we truly mean global: in the top 10 viewership countries there are countries from all over the world like Germany, Brazil, Mexico, India and Poland. Today Tomorrowland’s channel hosts over 3,000 videos and 38 playlists and has nearly 2 billion views.

Ali Rivera, Head of Live Music at YouTube: “The 10 million subscribers milestone for Tomorrowland is truly an incredible achievement. The festival continues to create engaging and innovative content and constantly evolves to build deeper artist to fan connections. What’s more, theyshowcase the smart and effective approach of using the YouTube platform to reach millions of music fans around the world.”

Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever,...

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