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May 19, 2022

Download Camishe & Max Oazo 's new single 'Set Free' | Official Video ✖
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This is an amazing song filled with pop and some chill out vibe 😋 Hope you guys enjoy this one & don't forget to like the video and enable the " 🔔 " to not a miss any uploads from 💙

📃 | Lyrics
Can't believe it's been a year
I'm waiting so long
Wrote the story in the dreams
But We need to move on
Please don't look for again
Your lies will hurt me
I'll move on, move on, move on

Boy, please set free
Please stop loving me
Love please set free
Why are you hunting me?

Searching for the sunny days
And a secret island
There's no fear, regrets, where we'll be smiling
I can spend a million dreams
To feed the mind and the soul
But I'll move on, move on

Boy, please set free
Please stop loving me
Love/Heart please set free
Why are you hunting me?
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